Happy roots = Lots of loot.

Our Soil and Root health combo from Andermatt Madumbi, is a perfect combo pack to stimulate healthy roots and soil.

The Andermatt madumbi philosophy is to build a strong foundation for success by supporting healthy soil and root health. Follow this with bio-stimulants to build a stronger and healthier plant that is more resilient against pests, diseases and abiotic stress like heat, cold and drought. The last step is to use biological crop protection products to protect your plants against pest and disease.


Soil and Root Health Programme

Adding beneficial fungi (Eco-T) and bacteria (RhizoVital 42) to your grow, will colonize the roots with "good guy" microbes that will compete in the rhizosphere (the nano space between the root hairs and adjacent soil particles). This space is heavily influenced by exudates (simple sugars) produced by the plant roots. In the absence of "good guy" microbes like Trichoderma and Bacillus, pathogenic diseases like Phytophthora, Fusarium and other "bad guys" microbes can multiply on the exudate and negatively impact your crop.

When using Eco-T and Rhizo-Vital you inoculate your plants with beneficial microbes that will colonize the roots, compete for space and root exudate and by doing so they  make it much more difficult for the "bad guys" to establish.

The microbes also make nutrient uptake and mobilization into the plant more effective. These products also activate ISR (Induced systemic response), the plants natural "immune" system. Plants with activated ISR are primed to defend against "attack" from pests and disease. 

Plants treated with Eco-T and RhizoVital42 have bigger root mass. More roots = more nutrient uptake and more growth = more yield.

The other two products in the soil and root health programme includes Agrisil and V12 Initiate. Agrisil is a potassium silicate that dissociates easily into mono-silicilic acid  that is transported to new growing cells where the silica is deposited to form stronger cell walls and plant tissues. These stronger tissues are more resistant to attack from insects and disease.

V12 initiate is a bio-stimulant drench which includes kelp, protein hydrolysate and other additives that support early growth, uniform seedling establishment and a great foundation for future yield.

Below: Picture 1 from a microgreen customer. Problems with damping off without treatment. Picture 2 = 1 treatment with Eco-T.



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