Hydrobiz partners with Dosatron

Welcome Dosatron!

We are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Dosatron, a leading global company that specializes in the production of innovative agricultural fertigation solutions. This collaboration is an exciting milestone for us, as we strive to bring the most advanced technologies to our community.

What are Dosatron Systems?

Dosatron’s unique approach uses proportional dosing, where liquid fertilizers and other additives can be injected into the water flow based on the flow rate, ensuring a consistent and precise delivery of nutrients.

This method eliminates computers, reduces handling and pre-mixing, they are easy to use, less susceptible to human error and importantly cost-effective. The systems are simple to install and operate.


Where can Dosatron system's be used?

Dosatron’s products are suitable for all types of farming, including hydroponics, greenhouse, and outdoor cultivation. Depending on the scale of a project, there are various models to small-scale hobby gardens and large-scale commercial operations.

In the USA and around the world, Dosatron systems are critical and much used tools in many cannabis facilities. We look forward to offering them to the local industry.




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