Nanolux LED-ex : Lights, camera, action

Our Nanolux LED-ex fixtures are about to light up more SAHPRA facilities around the country from Cape Town to Limpopo. In our opinion, we have helped these latest customers build the most advanced growing rooms in Southern Africa. 

The images in this post are thanks to Bored Farms in the Western Cape and Sugarleaf in Limpopo, who let us showcase how the Led-ex fixtures are mounted on Unistrut supports that are in-turn fixed to pulleys on a motor winch. The pulley and winch design allows the grower to maintain the fixtures at a constant height above the canopy and thus maximize the ppfd at the canopy. 

Rolling benches, Quest Dehumidifiers, Trolmaster Hydro-X system with Trolmaster cameras and Co2 enrichment.

The Nanolux LED-ex fixture is our professional fixture with a modular spider design. Depending on the quantity of 110W bars (between 4 and 8 bars) and the type of LED diodes (full spectrum, red, blue, red/blue and UV), we are able to offer a customized solution for any customer.

For the grow rooms in discussion, each 1.2m track has been fitted with 8 bars totaling 880W. 880W over a 1.4m2 is equivalent to 600W per 1/m2 which is the minimum you require to achieve a PPFD over 1000umol/m2/s. To further increase the efficacy of these rooms some of the installations have been designed with 6 x 110W full spectrum bars and 2 x 110W red bars at 1.2m2 achieving a ppfd between 1200 and 1400umol/m2/s. The inclusion of 2 red bars will increase the availability of far red light including radiation at 760nm by up to 30% which is proven to increase flower yield. 

Watch this Dr Bruce Bugby video on the importance of far red light in cannabis cultivation:

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