New Quest container arrives

For the best dehumidifiers in the market, look no further than Quest. We were today very excited to receive the latest container of Quest 70, Quest 155 and Quest 706.

Yes the machines are more expensive than other domestic dehumidifiers, but the key factors to remember are reliability, efficiency and operational cost. Quest is simply the best and they are by far the most superior dehumidifier on all the above factors.

The water extraction rates for Quest are based on the optimum temperature for growing cannabis – 26 deg C and relative humidity of 60%. In these conditions, a Quest will be able to extract the following amounts of water from your environment:

Quest 70 = 33L per day

Quest 155 = 73L per day

Quest 706 = 334L per day

A cheap, well known domestic brand advertises 20L per day, but what is detailed in the fine print is that this is at a setting of 30 deg C and 80% RH. Adjust this to 26 deg C and 60% RH and the machine will only extract 7-8L per day.

For this reason the efficiency and operational cost of Quest is far superior to domestic brands. If you buy cheap you are not getting the dehumidification that you need and the cost per L per hour is much higher. By investing in a Quest you will achieve your cultivation parameters = better crop and less disease pressure, and over time the savings on running costs will mean that the more expensive Quest is actually a cheaper investment than the cheaper domestic unit.

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