Grodan Max with V1.0 Technology is the next breakthrough in stonewool growing media for cultivating specialty crops.

In order to develop the optimal stone wool substrate and irrigation strategies for indoor and greenhouse specialty crops, Grodan partnered with the Wageningen University and Research Facility and top growers from all over the world.

After an intensive 2-year research and trial program, this resulted in the most innovative Grodan product series so far. Grodan Max delivers the following benefits:

  • Improved rooting – quicker to root through block. Faster nutrient uptake – improved performance in veg
  • Steerability – Water holding capacity and EC is more stable and uniform through entire root zone. Provides grower with more control and steering during all phases of growth.
  • Uniformity in growth – uniformity of rockwool through the block = every plant has the same environment – water, air, nutrition. Every plant is the same, so you can manage the entire crop with more specific watering and nutritional programme.
  • Maximum and consistent yield