AQ-SF (Biological Fungicide)

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AQ sf Liquid (Biological Fungicide)

Active(s): Ampelomyces quisqualis

Toxicity:  PAN Bad Actor Chemical:  No

Health risks human:  Acute:  None  Cronic:  None  Carcenogenisis:  No Cholinesterate inhibitor:  No

Environmental ImpactGeneral:  Naturally occurring fungus, not infective for mammals and birds  Bees:  None  Fish:  None  Groundwater:  None

Minimal Risk Levels (MRLs)   Expected residue concentration per applied cm2:  <  1×104 spores / cm2

Expected time of complete breakdown of actives:  natural occurring, killed by fungicides

Withholding period on crop peeled to be eaten:  None

Withholding period on crop eaten as harvested:  None (wash before eating)

MRLs by Codex Alimarius :  Not included. The fungus is not toxic or infective and exposure to the public and the environment will be minimal to non-existent. Exempted from tolerances.