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The ARS-1 mini-split air conditioner controller is a unique product that solves the age-old problem of having separate day and night temperature settings on your mini-split air conditioners. The ARS-1 is a universal controller that works with most mini-split air conditioners (and some window-type AC units too), as long as the unit has an IR / infrared remote controller. We use the remote control that came with the unit to “teach” those IR signals to the ARS-1 module. Once the ARS-1 “learns” those remote control codes, the ARS-1 will send those same signals to the indoor mini-split head unit changing the setpoint to the desired Day or Night temperature setting automatically base on the photocell sensor status.

The box contains
1 x AC Remote Station (ARS-1)
1 x Signal Emitter
1 x 5m RJ12 Cable
1 x 1.2m RJ12 Cable
1 x RJ12 T-Splitter

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