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Bio-Impilo contains metabolites of Trichoderma spp


Apply as foliar spray.

  • Vegetables 1litre/ha  
  • Vine, shrubs and trees 1-2 litre/ha. 
  • First application to seedlings early spring (4-6 leaves unfolded). Second application a few days before flowering, third application (vine, shrub and trees) after harvest. 
  • Additional applications only when a plant sap Brix reading indicates a major drop*, thus implying a weaker resistance. (not due to water shortage / excess or extreme weather conditions).

Directions for use

Application: Wash spray tank thoroughly to remove all traces of residues. Half fill tank with water (pH 6.0-7.3). Shake container with Bio-Impilo well.  Add Bio-Impilo and fill the spray can to the correct volume while stirring continuously. Wet plants properly. Apply early morning or late afternoon. Do not spray if the air temperature is above 30°C or if the relative humidity is lower than 30%.

Mode of Action

Directly inhibit growth and pathogenic activities of parasites and also increase disease resistance by triggering the defence mechanisms in plants. These metabolites are also capable of enhancing plant growth, which enables the augmented production of root and shoot systems.

these effects can be compared to an induced immunisation, which is measurable as Brix (sugar levels) of plant saps.  Higher Brix indicates a healthier plant. An overdose leads to phytotoxic phenomena.

Research and Development

Ever more scientific papers are published with new facts on positive effects on plant health. The process of photosynthesis is promoted and the Brix (plant sugar reading) increases within a few hours.