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BioBizz - Bio Grow liquid fertiliser is ideal for promoting lush growth during the vegetative cycle, particularly in soil gardens. Bio-Grow can also be used as a plant tonic during the flowering stage. The natural sugars in Bio-Grow benefit bacteria in the soil while the additional micronutrients and vitamins boost overall plant health.

  • This product is not recommended for a recirculating hydroponic system. Enriched with 70 trace elements and vitamins B1, B2, C and E, Bio-Grow is a complete fertiliser.
  • Sweeten the Harvest with Bio-Grow: Bio-Grow is based on 100% organic Dutch sugar beet extract, so it is packed with sugars to build Brix readings in plants and rejuvenate the life of your soil or activated compost.
  • Translated from the original Dutch Bio-Grow, it has been known to work wonders in topsoil and increase the flavour of heirloom tomatoes and other garden-variety vegetables.
  • According to the manufacturer, “Bio-Grow smells very sweet owing to its content of natural sugars which also provide an ideal interrelationship with the bacteria in the soil mixture.
  • Although we do not recommend BioBizz products for a recirculating hydroponic system some customers find success using it in hydroponics. If you want to use BioBizz products with your hydroponics system it is best with a drain to waste system.
  • Recommended Bio-Grow Nutrient Schedule