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The Orgasoilux Mineral and Nutrient pack is what goes into our Orgasoilux living soil, and is comprised of the products listed below.

Use the elemental blend to treat your potting substrate and turn it into a living soil inoculated with a cannabis microbial consortium and 19 additional elements.

10L treats 100l of growing medium, 30l treats 300L of new growing medium. If you want to reactivate or rejuvenate a growing medium that has been used before, add 3l of Elemental blend per 100l of used soil and mix the two together. If you want to enrich your virgin soil for an outdoor grow, add 10l per m2 of soil and dig in.

The Elemental blend includes the following ingredients
Alfalfa meal - A slow releasing natural fertilizer that contains a natural growth hormone- Triacontanol, which stimulates development.
Biochar – Increases the number of beneficial soil microbes especially mycorrhizae.  Water retention and cation-exchange is improved.
Crushed barley – An abundant source of enzymes and a great sugar source for microbes. High in amino acids, various nutrients and silicon.
Zeolite - Increases cation-exchange capacity, infiltration and retention of water.
Cannakashi – Similar to bokashi but with added fish meal. Used to inoculate with EM (Effective microbes).
Basalt Rock Dust - contains 72 minerals and trace elements. It stimulates soil micro-organism activity and contributes to building humus.
Soft Rock Phosphate – Slow release fertilizer (P)
Diatamaceous Earth – A naturally occurring silica sediment and used for its natural insect repelling properties.
Seabird guano - Natural slow releasing fertilizer, with nutrients and trace elements
Gypsum - Natural raw source of sulfur and calcium.
Dolomitic lime - Natural soil buffer and raw source of magnesium and calcium.
Calcitic lime - Natural raw calcium source.
Fulvic Acid - highly beneficial for the soil and the plant
Humic acid - a great soil conditioner.