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GHE Flora Bloom

General Hydroponics (GH) Flora Bloom is part of the GH 3-part Flora base nutrient formula. The GH Flora Bloom part promotes strong root growth and flowering. Use in combination with GH Flora Gro and Flora Micro to make a top-notch hydroponic nutrient.


  • Flora Micro is used while your plant is fruiting or flowering
  • Available in 1l, 5l & 60l

Manufacturer's recommended dosage rates are only for vigorously growing plants that are in the peak of health. Slower growing plants and those that are not 100% healthy will require a lower dosage rate. 

General Hydroponics Flora 3-part nutrient recommended pH range: 5.5 – 6.2

Basic recommended feeding guide:

  • Early Veg Stage: 0.25ml/litre Gro + 0.25ml/litre Micro + 0.25ml/litre Bloom. CF: 4 – 6
  • Late Veg Stage: 0.7ml/litre Gro + 0.7ml/litre Micro + 0.7ml/litre Bloom. CF: 12 – 15
  • First 2 weeks of flowering: 1.5ml/litre Gro + 1.0ml/litre Micro + 0.5ml/litre Bloom. CF: 15 – 22
  • Weeks 3-7 of flowering: 0.5ml/litre Gro + 1.0ml/litre Micro + 1.5ml/litre Bloom. CF: 15 – 22
  • Last week of flowering: Flush or use GH Ripen