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GHE Flora Coco Grow

Coco is one of the most used substrates for plants growing indoors. That's why General Hydroponics has developed a formula just thought to cover all needs of plants grown in this type of substrate.

Flora Coco Grow formula is complete, so it does not need any additional supplements. Flora Coco Grow assures a balanced and complete feeding for the whole growing stage of plants., what guarantees better yields and healthy crops.

Flora Coco Grow by GHE contains an increased quantity of Nitrogen, Calcium and Magnesium, what brings plants a better nutrient for a maximum development during vegetative stage.

One of the main advantages of Flora Coco is that, in addition to extra calcium and magnesium, keeps also the balanced mineral and oligo-elements General Hydroponics is famous for.Flora Coco Grow characteristics



1st Roots: 0,5ml/L
1st True Leaves: 1ml/L
Growing: 2,5ml/L
Pre-Flowering: 3ml/L
Flowering: 1,5ml/L
Ripening: N/A
Flushing: N/A