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Ludwig’s Insect Spray USAGE: Insects: Ants, aphids, red spider mite, white fly, astylus beetle, chafer beetle, CMR beetle, Flower beetle, scale, thrips, etc.
ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Canola oil 250.0 g/ℓ. Garlic extract from Allium sativa 642.0 g/ℓ Pyrethrins (extract of flowers of Chrysanthemum cinereariaefolium) 14.0 g/ℓ piperonyl butoxide (synergist) 50.0 g/ℓ
PESTS AND/OR DISEASES: African Bollworm. Ants. Aphids. CMR beetle. Red Spider Mite. Thrips. Whitefly
ACTION: Canola kills targeted small bodied insects on contact by means of suffocation. Garlic keeps insects away from plants. Natural pyrethrum has a residual action of maximum 24 hours after application and can kill bigger bodied insects on contact.
CROPS: Fruit, vegetables, roses, ornamentals, bulbs, salads, herbs, lawns( whole garden).