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Usage: Insects: American bollworm, lily borer, semi-looper, cabbage caterpillars, orange-dog caterpillar, lawn caterpillar and many more leaf-eating caterpillar species ( Lepidoptera spp.).

Active ingredients: Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki Bacterium)……………………………32000 IU/mg

Pests and diseases: American bollworm, Lilyborer. Diamond-back moth caterpillar. Semi-(Plusia) looper. Leafroller. Lawn caterpillar

Action: Caterpillars eat treated foliage and stop feeding within a day or so. They may hang from the leaves before rotting and dropping to the ground usually within 3-4 days. This may take longer in cold conditions.

Crops: Vegetables, fruit, flowers, bulbs, clivias, lawns, herbs

Dosage: 2-5ml per 10l. See product insert

Precautions: Use with care. Can cause eye and skin irritations. Keep away from children in a safe dry place away from food