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Nanolux LEDex Series Fixtures are designed for full-cycle commercial cultivation that features many advantages compared with traditional light sources, bringing new efficiencies for your grow facility that weren’t possible before. This technology is revolutionizing the horticultural lighting industry in both lowering electric usage and increasing overall crop yield.

The standard product for sale is a 1.2m track. We have two options 
a) 4 full spectrum bars @ 440w
b) 6 full spectrum bars @ 660w
(each setup includes a power cord)

For a single 110w bar, please purchase this from LED.Parts (Build your own)

Unique to the Nanolux modular approach, the LEDex 110w bars are packaged individually and you can build a light fixture by adding extra LED bars to the support track to meet the required PPFD on your canopy. The LED bars can also be used individually for side or intra-canopy lighting without the track.

For additional flexibility we have 4 different LED spectrum bars each with a specific light frequency output. Besides the full spectrum option we have UV, Blue, Red, Blue/Red. This allows you to add different frequencies into your light mix to aid improved vegetative and flowering growth. If you want to buy separate bars or customize your purchase please order the individual components under "LED Parts - Build your own LED"

The LEDex Series fixtures allow random start, soft start, soft dimming capabilities. The fixtures have built in over temperature protection, under voltage protection and open/short circuit protection.

For more information watch this video