Social Media response from the Swap Meet.

Some testimonials and feedback from the Swap Meet


Killerbeams : Now it's family: So the past Saturday at the #swapmeet @hydrobizsa and @sensivacafe hosted an epic vibe. Upon arrival I was warmly welcomed and handed 2 tickets for a lucky draw, clones and seed packs 😃 The day progressed with well chats, laughs, trades, meeting people, good people and we enjoyed the good vibes with some cannagars floating around, bongs rips, dabs  and some snacks were set on the tables with some coldrinks at the bar! Awesome awesome💯🔥♥️ Today was great to put a face to a name! Looking forward to the next one.


Stinktinkie : I hope this was the 1st one of many more to come! I have no doubt the next one is going to be even better! I absolutely enjoyed the Swap Meet and it was a pleasure putting the face to the Instagram handle to many talented and inspiring growers and artists! The South African 🇿🇦 community is lit!


@mevrouapteeker: Dear @hydrobiz_sa Family. Thank you so much for hosting a very successful Swap Meet on the 25th.  For a newbie like me, your event offered me the opportunity to network and meet the faces behind the Instagram Handles that I admire and  learn so much from daily.  I am super exited to run my next grow with @mega_solution_nutrients  and will definitely keep you updated on my grow.  I left your event humble, inspired and blessed to have spent the day with like-minded people. Ps:  thank you for feeding us! Much love,


Nacho green house : Dank Genetics were shared... lank cool vibes from the CT grow folk... bring on the next one now🤙💚🔥


Kush Cafe :Hey guys! Just wanted to say thanks again for the amazing event- this past weekend. It was a blast! I got some of the Mega Solution nutrients- I’m busy doing a little content shoot with it. I’ll send it your way when I’m done. Have a wonderful day- KushCafe Boss Lady, Bianca ✌️✌️


Experimental genetics: I had so much fun. Can't wait for the next event ❤💛💚What a stunning event, visited the Swap and Meet the past weekend, what a turn out, place was lit, vibes were outstanding. On arrival one was welcomed with the most pure vibration, kind hearted souls - all ecstatic to be apart of such a awesome gathering. Energies were high and a sense of true light shining from everyone's core uplifting ones frequency from the first step in the door. A true family/ tribe feeling. Met so much beautiful people and connected on a higher level. Thank you hydrobiz and all involved which made it possible. We appreciate you all and love our community❤💛💛


Coolio j grows: I thoroughly enjoyed this event from beginning to end and got to connect and meet so many of those I've only interacted with online, trading awesome genetics and smoking loads of fire! My biggest take out from this was even though the event was sponsored entirely it still felt like a community run event and not business driven which is rare these days big ups to all the organizers!


@cptgrow420: An amazing experience meeting likeminded people from the Instagram community as well as the Cannabis industry. Great opportunity to network, market, and represent each brand as well as explore what the industry holds for home growers, and mom and pop cannabis businesses in the future.


@rob_smdt2: My experience was dope I attended the event by myself the vibe from the bottom shop and top shop was amazing I felt at home as soon as I walked in staff was friendly and very kind .The Cafe upstairs was very informative with the products the promoted and sold .The people was all on a one love spirit I met a lot of growers got inside on how to grow and learned a lot. My guy Mr Big Buddha sorted me with a joint that sent me in space and had the most amazing time there I didn't want to leave at all😌


@kittenxcupcake: It was a great experience to meet, greet, swap, smoke and make connections with wonderful like minded people in the industry.


@hashmambagrows: "It was a truly awesome experience, an oasis of true cannabis connoisseurs and  lovers, not even to speak about the epic vibe and the sweet free stuff (did not expect to get Inhouse genetics clones 🔥🔥🔥). It makes me so happy to see Hydrobiz bring the cannabis community together in such a way! Hope to see more such events!


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