Grodan Max with V1.0 Technology: Specially designed for medical cannabis

Last year Hydrobiz was appointed the official distributor of Grodan products in Southern Africa. Of interest to licensed cannabis producers is the new Grodan Max with V1.0 Technology.

After an intensive 2-year research partnership with Wageningen University and top cannabis facilities from around the world, Grodan Max represents a breakthrough in rockwool substrate for cultivating cannabis.

The new formulation used in Grodan Max is proven to support:

  • Better root development with more root volume that is more evenly distributed throughout the entire rockwool volume. With quicker and greater root development you have earlier nutrient uptake and optimised plant growth.
  • Optimal steerability. This is achieved through better water distribution and more even EC throughout the entire block allowing you to manage the water and nutrient balance more specifically through the different growth stages.
  • More uniform plant development.
  • Increased yield, improved quality and more consistent final product.

If you are a SAHPRA approved facility and looking to get the most out of your crop, consider Grodan Max. Please note that this product is exclusively availability to licensed holders only.

Please contact us for more information and if you would like to set up a trial please contact us directly.

Check out more about the Grodan Max in the video below


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