Supporting Morama in Lesotho

Dirty Hands is a Hydrobiz sister company that specializes in organic solutions.

For growers that focus on organic production using living soil, organic liquid fertilizers and microbial products from bio-stimulation to fungicide and pest control, we have solutions for both the hobby grower and large facility.

10 months ago Jamie Garner (our partner in Dirty Hands) visited Morama Holdings/Agribiomed in Lesotho for the first time. Since then Dirty Hands and Hydrobiz have been supporting the team at Morama and together we believe that their chances of success in 2023 are now much more assured.

1 year ago before we got involved

The plant density in the greenhouse was too high and the nutrition program had been ignored by the previous consultant.



The first suggestion was to reduce the density to allow the plants to receive sufficient light and develop a strong structure.

The offtake requires an organically grown flower, so we started with a soil test which identified the need to add a top dressing of organic supplements in the form of the Dirty Hands Elemental Blend.

After planting, we applied a mulch and started with a feeding program that included among other things Mycorrhizae, Rhizovital, Liquifish, Molasses and Liquiphos.

We also implemented an IPM program that included, Eco T, AQSF, Bio-Insek, Bio-Impilo, Bio Sulpher, and Eco BB.

I think you can agree the results are quite remarkable.

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