How to prepare your Grodan blocks before planting.

It's critically important to prepare your Grodan rockwool when unboxing and preparing the blocks for planting. If you don't prepare and wet rockwool correctly, it will never work optimally and you will have substandard results.

When you wet your Grodan Max, it is advised to use water that is fertilized to the EC and pH that you intend using at the onset of production.

When you wet Grodan we suggested that you make sure your team randomly measures the wet weight to ensure that the water saturation is 100% completed and the water content is uniform from block to block.

A simple formula can be used to calculate the wet weight. LxWxH multiply by 85%. Using this formula, the following weights are suggested for the various products:

Block Width (cm) Length (cm) Height (cm) Volume x Factor (0.85) grams
AO plug 3.6 3.6 40 518.4 44
Veg block 10 10 10 1000 850
Jumbo 15 15 10 2250 1912.5
Hugo 15 15 14.2 3195 2715.75
Mama 20 20 14.2 5680 4828

 **So for example the Hugo block after wetting should weigh just over 2.7kg.

How to wet plugs:

How to wet Blocks


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