Hydrobiz and Puffco

Since March 2023, Hydrobiz has partnered with Puffco to market and distribute their products in South Africa.

Puffco was started in 2013 by Roger Volodarsky who has a mission to use technology, engineering and design to disrupt how concentrates are consumed.

Before Puffco, most vaporizers used glues to hold the bowl or coil in place and plastics in the airpath. Puffco did away with the toxins and developed a safer, simpler, and far more flavourful experience.

With their innovation and elegant design, Puffco has made the magic of concentrates more accessible to everyone. In the South African market, Hydrobiz has been tasked to bring the Puffco magic to more South Africans and we are excited by the local demand for what is undoubtedly the best vaporizers brand in the international cannabis market today. 

There is a growing network of concentrate makers in SA. From BHO to solventless, from live hash rosin to front runners like Big Green Buddha even making Piatella. Certainly once you have experienced the flavourful terpene expression of the plant with a Puffco device, it's going to be hard to consume cannabis any other way.

Check out the range on the Puffco section of our website and get your own device now.

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