Why is Quest the best?

Every investment needs to be measured against, performance, reliability, and cost. When next you consider an investment to manage humidity in your facility (be it for cultivation or post-harvest), you should look no further than Quest.

As the most recognized dehumidifier brand in dehumidification and more specifically in cannabis cultivation, Quest has a global reputation for quality, reliability and performance. The secret behind Quest’s unparalleled energy-efficiency is the patented multi-coil design, or as we like to call it: M-CoRR (short for Multi-Coil Refrigeration Recovery). You won’t find this technology on any other dehumidifier!

At its core – M-CoRR 

M-CoRR’s innovative design performs better over a wider range of dew points, even at colder temperatures, and maintains capacity regardless of airflow fluctuations. Using M-CoRR technology, Quest uses less energy and pulls 30% more water from the air, while expelling less heat back into your space.

Traditional refrigerant dehumidifiers have a single refrigerant-filled evaporator coil that cools the air passing through it to extract the water from the air (because cold air holds less water). Once the air is cooled below the dew point, water condenses, and this water is then collected and drained. Energy captured in the refrigerant during water removal is returned to the air in the form of heat at the second coil, the condenser.

The magic of Quest’s M-CoRR Technology is in its multiple coil design, where three separate refrigerant-filled coils are used. The 1st coil or the pre-evaporator, cools the air. The 2nd coil is the evaporator, which further cools and condenses the air to pull out the water. The 3rd coil or recovery coil, recovers the energy from pre-cooling the air to be recycled back into the evaporator for reuse. With this innovative design, Quest uses less energy and pulls 30% more water from the air, while expelling less heat into your space.

Smoke and Mirrors

Many dehumidifier manufacturers can make the efficiency of a machine look amazing by representing the efficiency rating at a temperature of 30deg C and relative humidity of 80%. At this specification water extraction from the environment is much “easier” than from an environment at 25deg C and RH of 60%. Do we grow cannabis at 30deg C and 80% humidity? The answer is no. For this reason, Quest prefers to represent its efficiency rating at a temperature and RH condition that is on par with the environmental conditions optimal for cannabis.

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