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We have been proud to support the team at Bored farms with the development of their new facility in the Western Cape.

With the SAHPRA audit now completed, this facility is a medical cannabis facility completed to the highest technical specification and capable of producing world-class flower.

Hydrobiz was a key supplier of many critical components in the indoor facility including the following inputs:

Mother Room – Nanolux CMH 315 fixtures with a low rolling bench installation. Quest and Trolmaster Hydro-x plus managing the environment.


Clone Room - Nanolux Clone fixtures plus Cesio humidifiers, Quest dehumidifier and Trolmaster Hydro-X managing the environment.


Flowering rooms – Nanolux Led-ex, rolling benches, Quest dehumidifiers and Trolmaster Hydro-X pro to manage the room.

Drying rooms – Quest Dehumidifiers and Trolmaster Hydro-X

Monitoring and surveillance – All rooms and working areas are monitored with Trolmaster cameras with live feeds to the control room and visible on a mobile app.


For the greenhouse production area, we supplied:

Complete light dep greenhouse with 28m rolling benches, with Quest dehumidifiers, Nanolux Summit 1000w HPS fixtures and irrigation components.

For the environment and irrigation control, Trolmaster Hydro-X Pro drives the blackout, lights, fans, dehumidifiers and heat pump, while Aqua-X plus drives with irrigation system.

The project is backup with a 300 Kva solar project.

The project design and compliance process was supported by Cameron Zuccarelli at Quality Cannabis Solutions and congratulations to the team that designed, constructed and administered the project from first consultation to SAHPRA approval in under 15 months.

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