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Glue plugs have a proven track record for the propagation of a wide variety of seeds, cuttings and tissue cultures of ornamentals, vegetable crops, perennials and bedding plant crops.

However, the suitability of glue plugs for cannabis germination and cloning has made this propagation format the go to solution for many cannabis cultivators from hobby growers to commercial SAHPRA facilities.

The 30x50mm box plug is a combination of 70% coir, 30% peat and a binding agent that acts like a glue and holds the substrate together. Importantly this manufacturing process eliminates substrate compaction and “locks in” air spaces that ensures that your clones root quickly and evenly.

The glue plugs are delivered with an ec of 1 and pH of 5 and they are ready to use. Simply place the plugs into our germination tray and prepare your cuttings for sticking. The plugs are pre-dibbled to limit any damage to your clone tip.

The product is packed 780 plugs per carton, 45 cartons per pallet. For hobby growers we prepare pre-packed pouches (25 and 48) and pre-packed germination trays (48) for your convenience.

We sell containers very quickly, so please place your orders asap.

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