Medicoir – Popping up everywhere!

If you are looking for a substrate solution that saves time and provides you with assurance and performance – look no further: Medicoir is your ultimate solution.

Medicoir pop up bags, also know as open top containers (referred to as OTC), are available in 4L, 7L and 10L options. We also have 600ml growblocks that are ideal for veg phase.

Medicoir is a brand that is produced by a Sri Lankan company called Botanicoir, with company headquarters in London. They have a reputation of supplying the commercial agricultural industry with high-quality substrate solutions. Over the years they have developed the experience, knowledge and resources to produce the best coco blends for your cannabis crop. 

Washed, Buffered and ready to use

The substrate blend used in the Medicoir OTC is called Precision Plus Ultima (PPU). Washed and then buffered with calcium nitrate, PPU is a coarse blend of coir pith and small husk chips (<5mm) that provides a stable structure. In addition, the substrate presents an ideal balance of water holding capacity, drainage and aeration and provides the grower a product that allows steerability and total crop control. 

The pop ups comprise a compressed coir brick placed in a white/black polyethylene bag with 1-year uv guarantee. The pack rate per pallet and rate per container is logistically efficient and each bag is stamped and numbered. When using this product, simply place them in the flowering room, place the drippers in the coir and irrigate them to loosen the coir. This saves time and labour and with no mess they offer a hygienic solution to professional facility management.

Medically compliant

Designed for medical customers, we can supply you with the following documentation for your compliance and audit requirements.

  • COA
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001
  • MSDS
  • Sustainability commitments


Please contact us to set up a trial at your facility.

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