Rolling Tables - "A must have"

Due to the cost of cultivation and the value of cannabis, rolling tables or rolling benches should be incorporated into the design of most cannabis facilities. For this reason, we make sure that we continuously stock various sizes to fit most growing room configurations. We also stock multi-level rolling tables in case you want to take advantage of the vertical space in your facility.

Why are rolling tables so important?

1.Maximized Space Utilization

By eliminating the need for fixed aisles between tables, rolling benches optimize space in your facility and they enable you to grow more plants in the same area.

More flower kg per production cycle from the same area and operational costs = increased profit.

 2. Increased Efficiency

Workers can easily move the benches apart to create space for tasks like pruning, transplanting, or maintenance. Plants are also raised off the ground and the canopy is at an ergonomic working height making tasks quicker and easier to complete

3. Water and Humidity management

The plastic drainage trays on the rolling tables have drainage channels that quickly direct runoff water from the table to the drain. This ensures that excess water is removed from the growing environment, reducing the pressure on your HVAC systems and reducing disease pressure.

4. Better Lighting Distribution

Rolling benches enable growers to arrange plants for optimal exposure to light sources. Depending on your ceiling height we can reduce the leg height so that the rolling table + canopy height is at an optimized distance from your lights.

5. Economic energy use

With traditional tables and aisles, 30% of your energy bill is wasted space that isn't covered with plants. With rolling benches you now fit more plants per flowering room area so the HVAC bill is divided by more plants and you are no longer lighting a concrete pathway that doesn't generate revenue.

6. Better air movement

Air can move freely under and around your rolling benches, allowing for better air circulation.

7. Ease of Maintenance and hygiene

With no plants on the floor, the entire cultivation area can be cleaned and maintained. At the end of a production run, all the rolling bench surfaces including steel, aluminium and plastic surfaces can be scrubbed, cleaned and sanitized to maintain strict hygiene protocols.

8. Customizable Configurations

We have many different sizes of rolling bench from 1.2 to 1.5m wide, and the lengths vary between 2.4, 3, and 4,5 m long. For longer benches we can customize the length by gluing trays together from lengths up to 28m.

9. Vertical options

We stock multi-level mobile racks that allows you to utilize the vertical space in your growing area. Keep in mind that this does optimize the foot print of your growing space, so you save on m2, however your capex on lighting, HVAC, irrigation increases proportionally to the number of plants in the space.   

10. Profitability

Rolling benches can be an expense that realizes the biggest potential for best return on investment. By investing in rolling benches, you increase the usable m2 of your growing area = more plants = more kg of flower from the same space. You also optimize your operational inputs from electricity to adminstration.

Let us know how we can assist you with upgrading your existing space or designing a pending expansion.


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