Hydrobiz store in Woodstock on 222 Sir Lowry


The Hydrobiz journey has taken off rapidly. That's all thanks to the constant commitment of the South African Cannabis community who make it possible for businesses like ours to exist and serve the movement towards legalisation.  

On 9 June 2021 we opened the doors of our second retail store on 222 Sir Lowry, Woodstock, Cape Town. A bumpy start indeed, but there's nothing Covid19 did not prepare us for. So long story short, we are two weeks into our new journey and it's been nothing but special to witness the love from the SA cannabis community. Hence we are, as a welcome and thank you for the continuous support, running awesome opening specials to make you canna happy in the midst of this pandemic. P.S Our in house nutrients, MEGA Solution, has a mad special dubbed #MEGAMondaze! Get in touch, get involved. 

Check out our Website  and Instagram for all current in-store specials available at our new store.



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